In preparation for Summit.Ahead. we've distilled our focus on the "future of work" into 2 Action Areas, through which the Fellows will think, collaborate, and implement programs.  Below is our description of each Area and a link to resources that may help those unfamiliar get up-to-speed or others to dive deeper.


Networked Labor Markets

Actions will focus on ways that technology and social networks can help workers and employers find each other for traditional place-based employment and virtual employment, with a particular focus on workers who are currently at highest risk of disconnection and/or displacement, businesses that could gain the most from expanding the pool of available talent, and government policies and investments that could support more active and efficient networked labor markets.

Lifelong Education and Skills Development

Learning is no longer a “once and done” affair. Lifelong and micro-learning will be essential -- and much of that learning may take place in vastly different ways than the traditional “teacher-student” model. Peer-to-peer learning, app-based learning, and other approaches will be essential for keeping workers nimble, engaged, and employable.