At SUMMIT.AHEAD., over three extraordinary days in Reykjavik, Iceland, a transatlantic Fellowship of innovators will imagine society where abundant, good jobs and technological innovation reinforce each other, and create strategies and approaches that will build the business case, political momentum, and public will within to achieve them.



A Storied Legacy

Just as Reagan and Gorbachev understood the poignancy of Reykjavik as the midpoint between Moscow and Washington, in 2017 its significance as a geographic center point and a strong and a growing and reignited progressive city and country makes it the ideal place to host SUMMIT.AHEAD.

Dagur Bergþóruson Eggertsson

The Reykjavik Mayor is the host for an essential generational call to action.  In the 18th and 19th Centuries being at a crossroads for trade was essential.  In 2017 being centered, accessible and engaged for discussion is fundamental to the success of ideas.  SUMMIT.AHEAD. + Reykjavik solidifies Reykjavik’s historic reputation as the meeting place for big ideas and confers on the Summit an essential historical imprimatur.


Höfði house

No other issue is more core to labor, life, productivity, and well being than the future of work issues to be tackled at SUMMIT.AHEAD.  Putting into practice, the best practices of the future of work is a global and generational imperative.  To these ends, it is an honor for SUMMIT.AHEAD. to be hosted by Reykjavik's Mayor at the historic Höfði house